Havin’ a Laugh Charity was established by Rennafix Group to promote positive mental health through life-enhancing activities.

We are dedicated to the promotion of life-enhancing activities as essential tools for personal emotional stability and positive mental health. Due to the ever increasing awareness of the positive affects of exercise, the outdoors and community based activities on Emotional and Mental Health, Rennafix endeavors to subsidize life-enhancing activities to community groups and those seeking counseling and/or therapy. We fund raise through the creation of events that showcase the life-enhancing activities available in our locality. The ethos of the organization is that those who are ‘up for it and at it’ have a platform from which they can support those who do not have that drive. Understanding that any community or group of friends is only as strong as its weakest member. 13288613_10153867950178143_1624429845_o iSurfIreland 2 Beach Yoga Group 5