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On Sunday 16th September, Havin’ A Laugh ran 3 Eco-Adventure events.

Adventuring to hard to reach stretches of coastline to pick up litter…

At 11am we kayaked from Milk harbor north of Grange out to Dernish Island.

10 volunteers and 2 hours 20 bags of rubbish = 1 clean island.

We arrived back on the mainland at 1.30pm.

At 3pm 10-15 volunteers met at Streedagh Beach and went trail running while picking up litter #plogging, cleaning 13km of coastline.

About 6 actually ran the rest went to nearby smaller beach.

At 3.30pm a team of 7 met at Island view riding stables and went on horseback down trawluath beach and cleared a stretch of hard to reach sand dunes.

The majority of rubbish collected was fishing debris and plastic bottles, lobster pots, ropes, plastic containers, and 20-gallon drums.

The entire event was organised by the Havin’ A Laugh charity and donations received amounted to just over €400.

All the activity providers donated their time:

Northwest Adventure Tours (Trailrunning)

Fitness4All (Trailrunning)

Sligo Kayak Tours (kayaking)

Island View Riding stables (Horseriding).

The event was supported by Clean Coasts and Seastainability.


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